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The company

We are a social media agency, with a fresh perspective on digital marketing. We manufacture intriguing stories, and fire them into the social stratosphere! Our stories explode because, not only do we know how to tell them, we know who to tell them to. We work with our clients to achieve real tangible results in the form of purchases, downloads and brand loyalty, with a digital footprint that lasts.

Our philosophy

We favour choice over interruption. Knowing your audience is one thing, understanding them is another. We listen to your customers to create targeted campaigns with a message that resonates.

[blockquote]We believe that engaging your audience in conversation is the only way to be effective long term through social media advertising, after all thats why we call it social media isnt it?[/blockquote]


Our Mission

We want to change the way businesses advertise on social media. Creating advertising campaigns that reach business objectives, as well as serving an important purpose as engaging social content.
[minimal_toggle title=”Reaching new and existing customers”] Ensuring your messages reach the right audience, using selective advert placements and retargeting on social platforms. [/minimal_toggle]

[minimal_toggle title=”Keeping your audience engaged”] We elevate the voice of your brand by creating valuable content that your community connects to and engaged with. [/minimal_toggle]

[minimal_toggle title=”Making your brand stand out”] Partnering with Creatives and professionals to ensure your brand image makes the right impression. [/minimal_toggle]

[minimal_toggle title=”Helping you understand how”] We work alongside you to achieve your objectives, and share with you our methods and advice along the way. [/minimal_toggle]





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[team_box href=”” title=”Nicholas Edwards – ” company=”Co-Founder” icons=”linkedin” twitter_link=”#twitter” pinterest_link=”#pinterest” linkedin_link=”″ github_link=”#github” rss_link=”undefined”]
Nick is the co-founder and operations manager here at Zmoov. Involved in the innovation and management of all business operations and partnerships.

[team_box href=”” title=”Karl Sykes-Tobin – ” company=”Co-Founder” icons=”twitter,linkedin,facebook” twitter_link=”” pinterest_link=”#pinterest” linkedin_link=”” github_link=”#github” facebook_link=””]
As strategy manager and co-founder of the company, Karl develops and implements strategies across all areas of marketing and business development.

[team_box href=”” title=”Jefferson Darko – ” company=”Director” icons=”linkedin” twitter_link=”#twitter” pinterest_link=”#pinterest” linkedin_link=”″ github_link=”#github” rss_link=”undefined”]
Jeff is head business analyst and communications director, his role is to improve performane and ensure all areas of communications reach our standards.

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